Custom Profiles

Recieve a custom login portal unique to your school

Auto Test Generation

Our tailor-made test creation tools allow teachers to instantly generate tests for students for any subject at any time

Instant Results

computerized test-taking and automatic grading provide teachers and students with immediate results after taking tests.

Assessment Report

Test history itemized by subject allows students to review their past tests at any time. Data from past tests allow students to understand their proficiency and focus their revisions on their weaker subjects

About Us

What is AssessRite?

AssessRite is a software tool that allows students and teachers to make data-driven decisions on improving childrens' academic performance

With computerized test creation tools, teachers can create and assign tests custom-fit to a child’s needs and automatically output realtime data visualizations of a student's proficiency categorized by subject.

These visualizations tell students where they need to focus their revisions, and help teachers aid students on improving their weaker subjects.

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